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From Meeting Planners:


Marilyn Jack-Brown
NJ Association of Library Assistants:

"Your keynote [Staying Motivated in the Midst of Change] was inspirational—and fun! Thank you for being such a great keynote speaker."

Jessica Shklar
In-Service Strategist
American Express Co.:

"Jane has taught classes for the American Express Marketing Education Group for several years. Jane teaches two extraordinarily popular classes -- Time Management Strategies for Professionals and Proofreading for Perfection.

"Jane is a delight both to work with and to learn from. I look forward to any opportunity we have to interact. Jane is extremely prompt about returning phone calls, responding to requests, writing proposals for tailored classes, etc. She is flexible with her schedule, always going out of her way to accommodate our needs. She is 100% reliable, fulfilling every commitment even before the deadline. Our coordinators love working with her because she is always so far ahead of schedule. While other instructors might wait until their class is just a couple of weeks away before making changes to their material, Jane updates her course book immediately after every session so that our coordinators can prepare the books for class well in advance. On a personal level, Jane is always upbeat, energetic, thoughtful and a pleasure to have as an instructor.

"Her classes fill consistently, and receive among the highest scores of any of our classes. I am attaching below testimonials from students who have taken her classes.

"Best course I've ever taken." (Senior Manager)

"I felt it was more than helpful, it was so very informative. The reality of the information was excellent and very eye opening." (Associate)

"I was amazed by her ability to stay focused, field questions, postpone answers and then actually address them later as promised." (Associate)

"She was excellent - very informative, used great examples, very entertaining in the process." (Sr. Manager)

"I can hardly wait to get started as I know this procedure will help make my life a lot easier and of course more productive!" (Manager)

"Extremely knowledgeable. Excellent speaker and gets to the point." (Senior Manager)

"Jane is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She provides very practical suggestions, and is a skilled instructor." (Operations Manager)

"Outstanding instructor. I enjoyed every minute." (Administrative Assistant, ES)

"Jane is a great presenter -- there were no down points during the whole day!" (Manager)

"Jane is very articulate, she knows her work, and she is open to any questions." (Promotional Coordinator)

"This is a terrific course which encourages introspection and self awareness and provides great useful tools for planning and goal setting." (Vice President)

  Mike Lavelle
Director of Seminar Operations

"It is my pleasure to report that Jane has worked for CareerTrack for over five years. In that time she has developed and piloted four seminars, written two books, scripted and presented two training videos, and delivered almost three hundred seminars in both public and on-site forums.

"Her work is consistently of the highest quality. Specifically, seminars she creates for us are content-driven, offering attendees research-based "meat and potato" substance.

"Jane meets or beats all deadlines; is flexible and cooperative with staff; offers relevant, frank feedback; and presents herself to our customers as a friend and fan of our company.

"Personally, it is a pleasure to work with her. Jane's undeniable integrity, in combination with her practical knowledge of the training industry, has made her a frequent sounding board. I rely on her honest input, assured that I will received supportive advice based on a desire to see the company's success, as well as my own.

"Jane has been a valuable asset to CareerTrack, and I gladly recommend her to any organization looking for training that results in a useful, tangible outcome."

  Jo-Ann Maude
Director of Programming
Chemical Week Magazine, Conference Division:

"In the dozen years I've had the pleasure of working with Jane, I have hired her to deliver hundreds of one-day seminars for a public seminar company, facilitate almost a hundred one- to three-hour workshops for industry conferences, and moderate everything from a professional panel to an entire two-day conference.

"She is a master trainer and an inspirational speaker.

"She submits high quality hand-outs before deadlines, works with all staff happily and with great flexibility, returns phone calls and e-mail messages promptly, and is always available to contact delegates directly should they have specific curriculum questions.

"I cannot say enough about her professionalism, adaptability, helpfulness, and integrity."

  Dr. Ralph Elliot
Vice Provost
Clemson University:

"In one of her seminar brochures, Jane makes the following pledge to her seminar attendees... 'I personally guarantee that you will learn more about good graphic design than you ever thought possible in a single day.'

"Two points should be made:

"First, I think it's very commendable that Jane is willing to personally guarantee satisfaction to those who attend her programs. It is seldom that you find instructors willing to put their "necks on the line" to this extent.

"Second, she is a speaker who promises a lot and delivers more, so it's easy for her to keep her promises. Customers leave very satisfied at having spent time with Jane.

"I recommend Jane to you without hesitation."

  Elinor Basso
Vice President, Programming
Dun & Bradstreet Business Education Services:

"Jane has led seminars for us for over five years. She is one of our most popular and successful instructors, consistently receiving high ratings from the wide range of participants who attend the programs she presents... from Fortune 500 company senior level managers to newly promoted supervisors to entry level staff.

"She is extremely cooperative and shows great flexibility in arranging her schedule. In addition, she represents Dun & Bradstreet Business Education Services with enthusiasm, integrity and the highest degree of professionalism.

"Her knowledge base is broad. She's able to deftly handle a wide range of topics in a compelling way.

"I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future."

Tim Gibbons
Regional Training Manager

"The seminar was excellent. Opened up issues that were not obvious. Jane was inspirational. Jane and the material provoked introspective awareness."


Individual attendee testimonials

"Your workshop was great! Not only did it point out some areas I need to work on, it made me feel good by confirming that a lot of what I am doing is right (for me). It also made me see why I come into conflict with my supervisor, who is my diametrical opposite (he's an Accomodater, I'm a Producer). Most of all, I have to congratulate you on how you conducted the seminar -- having been at Plainfield Board of Education for almost 14 years, it has been my experience that our [administrative and/or secretarial] staff can be a difficult group to control and keep on track. You not only stayed on topic, you stayed on time. Quite an accomplishment with this group!

"Again, I really enjoyed your presentation - you obviously love what you are doing, and are very good at it. Thank you."

Jeanne Griesi
Plainfield, New Jersey Athletic Department

"After implementing several of your suggestions, we boosted the bottom line by 15-20 percent. Thanks, Jane."

Denise Dennis
Office Manager, Eye Surgery Associates
Hollywood, FL

"Jane inspired me and motivated me, and made me want to do better at work and in life. She is truly gifted."

K. Scheding
Director, Juno.
New York City, NY

"Your presentation at the TKR Marketing - PR meeting was terrific! I've been writing ads and PR for twenty years, so it takes a dynamic presenter and a great program to get through the haze of habit. You did it!"

Nancy Hartman
Writer, TKR Cable
Piscataway, NJ

"Excellent! On target! Made me rethink old assumptions! A 2-hour textbook!"

Frank Reysem
Editor, Playthings
New York City, NY


"Jane is fabulous -- concise -- fun!"

Julie Benson Hughes
Editor-in-Chief, Tupperware
Orlando, FL

"Jane's presentation on Customer Service is an eye-opener and should be a must-see for all of us in publishing."

Lynda Keever
Chief Operating Officer and Publisher, Florida Trend Magazine
St. Petersburg, FL

"Your seminar was the most helpful and practical professional seminar I've ever attended. Your presentation was informative and entertaining, and the subject matter was dealt with most thoroughly."

Deborah McGonagle
Assistant to the COO, The Weekly TAB
Newton, MA

"Our highest rated speaker -- by far -- is Jane Cleland!"

Candace Cross
Manager, Training, IBM Corporation
Denver, CO

"Phenomenal! Jane's presentations are first rate!"

Karl P. Holliday
Supervisor, Ontario Hydro
Toronto, Ontario


"Well-organized, fun, and contained just the right amount of audience participation which is probably why it was so much fun.

"Anastacia Forino
Senior Cost Accountant, Otis Elevator Company
Farmington, CT

"A life ring in disguise. I feel like I'm drowning at work and through this seminar, the rescue boat is in sight and coming my way. Thank you, Jane."

Karen A. Polan
Senior Field Specialist, First Energy
Akron, OH

"Very practical analysis... and motivating - Jane is very engaging. She is excellent."

B. Bomule
Research Chemist, Sweylet
Lakeland, FL

"I feel energized, and ready to tackle tasks."

Jeff McDanald
Client Media Producer, Construction Net
Lexington, KY

"Inspirational and motivated me to make changes in my life."

Jeanie Williams
Credit, Ashland Chemical
Dublin, OH


"Very organized and planned. Great instructor."

LaMar Flowers
Team Leader, Winston-Salem School System
Winston-Salem, NC

"Not boring. Ms.Cleland was enthusiastic, with real life examples to help better understand the concepts."

Christine Lotz
Product Research Technician, Hillshire Farms
Cincinnati, OH

"Great because of the enthusiasm of Jane Cleland. She knows her stuff!"

Lloyd C. Lakler
Engineer, Los Angeles Health Alliance
Los Angeles, CA

"Very informative and easy to follow. Was not boring and the attendees interacted well with the instructor."

Connie Wong
Office Manager, Trebine, Oskrine and Patterson
Chicago, IL

"The seminar was terrific. The instructor made the material stand out and become clear. She provided flow and insight. Terrific!"

Peter J. Andrews
Sales Engineer, Solutions, MCS (Division of Canon)
New York, NY