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Distance Learning




Have fun as you learn! All of Jane’s courses are available for you via distance learning! Self-directed, intense, filled with practice assignments—you’ll learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. After successfully completed each course, a valuable certificate, suitable for framing, is issued.

Grammar for Busy Professionals

From the Pre-Test (to discover what they know), to the Post-Test (to confirm how much they’ve learned), you'll pick up scores of strategies to help you understand and remember the most important rules. Specific content includes:

  • grammar (subject/verb and noun/pronoun agreement, sentence structure, etc.)
  • punctuation (when you must adhere to a rule, and when it’s an issue of style)
  • capitalization (including the importance of consistency)
  • spelling (can you trust your word processing program’s spell-checker?)
  • usage (affect vs. effect and continuous vs. continual, for example)

In addition to the exercises in the workbook, you'll practice what you ’ve learned in challenging real-world assignments — and you'll receive individualized, constructive feedback. The fun curriculum and Jane’s encouraging, upbeat, and lively teaching style create an engaging learning environment. You'll cheer when they get it right!

BONUS! In addition to the workbook, you'll take away a copy of Jane’s new book, Business Writing for Results (McGraw-Hill), a reference you ’ll refer to again and again.

Specifically, you get:

  • A pre-test so you can see—exactly—what you need to learn.
  • Six challenging lessons – most students report that each lesson takes about 1 to 1 ½ hours to complete.
  • Individual critiques – along with additional, customized follow-up exercises. Once you successfully complete the lesson, you’re ready to move on to the next!
  • Customized content – you’ll be challenged to submit examples of your work and follow Jane’s upbeat and helpful guidance to ensure that it’s grammatical and error-free.
  • A post-test so you can demonstrate all you’ve mastered!
  • A 40+ page workbook, complete with a binder to track your work.
  • A copy of Jane’s book Business Writing for Results (McGraw Hill) – a easy-to-read reference you’ll refer to for years to come!
  • A certificate, suitable for framing, upon successful completion of the course.

Contact Jane directly by email for more information!

Ann Wheeler is responsible for writing her company's newsletter,
The Iroquois Report

Ann signed up for a Distance Learning option
— one-on-one writing coaching.

Here is her progress report!

What was the overall revision experience like? Easier with your direction than on my own, but also harder. You're challenging me to write better and to write right. (I'm realizing how rusty my grammar skills are, and I've requested a grammar brush-up as part of next year's training.) It's been convenient corresponding through e-mail.

What was the hardest? Waiting on pins and needles for the critique! Also, living up to expectations. You’re a professional, a published writer. It’s exciting to work with you, and I don’t want to waste your time. Nothing difficult about the technological side.

What helped make things easier (if anything)? Your helpful, approachable...approach. I have no qualms about asking for clarification or guidance, and I know your replies will be thorough. Your comments in red are easy to see, so I can get to work on them.

Your thoughts about anything I can do to help you streamline the writing process? It’s a good idea to read your whole book, Business Writing for Results, first. I’ve been popping in and out of various sections, but a thorough read would probably streamline things on my end. Your critiques have been constructive and encouraging. You’ve led me to a certain point, then let me apply what I learned (that's the hard part!).

Thanks for everything,


Ann Marie Wheeler
PR & Corporate Communications Specialist
Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company

Ann Wheeler is responsible for writing her company's newsletter,
The Iroquois Report.

Ann signed up for
a Distance Learning option,
one-on-one writing coaching.

Read her progress report!

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